Big school this time

Almost a year back I had done a post on choosing the right school for your child. Now I am again back to choosing a school for my child. It is not that we are unhappy with the current school for her pre-primary education, but we preferred to take admission for Genie in a big school.  We had shortlisted 3 schools in our area, though she was eligble for two schools only…

We duly picked up the admission form and after submitting it, eagerly awaited an intimation letter from the school.  We were happy to receive a positive response from the school.

We were scheduled for an interaction meeting at 11.15 am on 14th Jan. We decided to let Genie be herself at the interaction meeting. Genie was naturally excited on going to a big school. As soon as we reached there, she left us to search for kids playarea. Luckily it was at the other end of the school or else we would have had a tough time dragging her from there.

Genie was a well behaved child in front of the principal. She sat down to play with crayons as soon as we entered the office. The lady principal asked both of us about our professions. She was curious to know what kind of writing I do and how do I manage home and work? I surprised myself by fumbling in the QnA session with the principal, but managed to pass with flying colors. We (hubby n self) heaved a sigh of relief when she said that our child will get admission in their school. Genie still wasn’t assigned a batch (morning and afternoon) though. We paid the fees very next day, hoping to secure a place in the morning batch.

Genie for sure will not miss her old friends at school because her few close friends have taken admission in the same school. Oh, did I mention – that the school is just next door to my building in Marol :).


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