Ponytail’s tale

The biggest advantage of having a girl is that you can doll her up. All the cute clips, rubber bands and lovely dresses are too good to resist…

I have a good collection of clips, hairbands and rubber bands for Genie and she has a good amount of soft and silky hair on head. Naturally she loves to wear pins.

Yesterday night, after oiling Genie’s hair, I decided to take a single ponytail behind…  She loves the coconut style ponytail taken in the center of the head…

Excited as usual, she allowed me take a ponytail for her. It was easier to gather her oiled hair behind her head and fasten a rubber band… I adjusted her loose strands at the nape and forehead and she was all set to see herself in the mirror…

As soon as she saw herself in the mirror, her first words were ‘Genie has become mummy’, ‘Genie looks like mummy’… Why… Because mummy also takes a ponytail behind. She was so happy to look like mummy.

DH, myself and in-laws were pleasantly surprised at her unexpected comment…  She took utmost care in wearing her night clothes as she did not want to mess with her ponytail… I too enjoy doing this for her.


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