Back to being a WM

Yes, I am back to being a WM (working mom). The last 9 months of being SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) were really enriching in terms of being with my baby. From enrolling her in a playschool, watching her cry while going to school, her eagerness to go to school even on holidays to hearing her speak full sentences and learning to eat with her own hand and behaving well on most occasions.

So why the sudden decision to work again? For all who know me, I was working same time last year and then took a break to study or rather upgrade my skillsets. After I was through with my 3 month study course, Genie started schooling. By the time she settled in, Ramazan (holy month of fasting) started and then my sister was getting married. I realised that I would be taking more of holidays when I start working. I started my jobhunt in October and I was lucky enough to get an interview call from L2. The informal interview was a breeze. I was offered the job before goodbyes could be said. And I took time to accept the job offer as I was unsure about the profile offered to me. Nevertheless, the said job was suppose to fall in my kitty, and I accepted the job.

My reasons to work – Being a creative person, I was idling my time by doing nothing constructive at home. I did get few offers of freelancing work, but nothing challenging enough. Sitting idle was making me more irritated with everyone around especially my Genie. I feel ashamed to admit that she bore the brunt of my impatience and anger. Thats when I realized that I needed to get out of the four walls of the house and start working.

As I write this post, I am currently sitting in my new office. Today is day 3 at L2. My gut feeling tells me that my stint at L2 will be fulfilling in terms of knowledge and experience.

All the best to myself.


2 thoughts on “Back to being a WM

  1. But you weren’t _really_ idle. You were taking care of Genie, the ultimate and most rewarding job in the world really.

    Hope you are all settled in your new job by now. I am a little late in congratulating you. Of course, I have no idea what exactly you do :-).

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