She has us speechless!!!!

Genie of course!!!!

She has been having me speechless quite a few times in the last few months. She starts talking like an adult, explains to me the stuff that I explain to her a minute back, makes her friends understand not to throw stuff, tells them that her nana has bought her a teddy bear from some place where he went in plane, etc.

The two distinct moments that stand out in my memory are:

The weekend before Ramazan, we had gone to meet our friends. After reaching home that night, while removing her shoes, she tells me ‘Thank you mama’ n ‘Thank you papa’. We have been teaching her to say thank you when anybody gifts her or does a nice thing for her. The out of blue ‘thank you’ had both of us stumped. On asking her, why she said thank you. She replies ‘You all bought me in car from our friend’s house’. At this we both were speechless, not knowing what to saying. After gathering ourselves from unexpected answer, we sat down with her and asked her what made her say thank you. Did she feel that we would leave her there and come back alone? She says no, but she just felt like saying it. This was a proud moment for both of us.

The other moment happened yesterday at the time of iftari (breaking of the fast (roza) at sunset). I had made idlis. She has started liking idlis as it is served as snack in school once a week. Since she was down with upset stomach and was not eating anything else, I decided to make idlis. When i handed her, her plateful of 4 mini idlis, she asks ‘Mummy are these idlis for me’. Me ‘yes beta, they are for you’ and she says ‘Thank you mummy for giving me idlis’. This moment too left me speechless for a whole minute. I just kissed her and could only muster ‘welcome dear’.

Hubby dearest and I feel proud that our preachings of good habits to Genie is a success already :). (BTW, the whole conversation was held in our mother tongue ‘Gujarati’.)


3 thoughts on “She has us speechless!!!!

  1. Hi, First time on your blog. I almost choked on reading about Genie’s thanks. Bless can be such angels! I don’t have any as yet..but I do hope they show these type of traits as Genie.

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