Playdate with mom and dad

Till now it has been my mom whose has blogged about me. Well  now, I have decided to do this post.

The past few months, I have been unwell often, so mom and dad would not take me out much for the fear of me catching some infection. Well now that I am doing fine and have become a really good girl while going to school (read here), mom and dad decided to reward me by taking me out on Saturday, 9th.

I was taken to ‘Infinity’ mall in Andheri west. I had taken a small nap during the ride to the mall and was feeling sleepy, so mom and dad decided to go shopping in Food Bazaar. The time spent in Food Bazaar that day was the shortest ever as mom and dad’s focus was the ‘Toddler’s Den’ for me.

Well after shopping, we went to the entertainment center in the mall. Seeing the play area for kids of my age jolted me out of my sleepiness. After buying the card, i entered the play area with mom and dad in tow. With two slides, i was the most happiest. I climbed, crawled, slide down. Mom and dad were happily playing with me. Time passed so quickly. I would have not left the toddler’s play area, had I not spotted the horsin’ merry go round.

I then demanded to sit on the horse, the car and revolving cup in the merry go round all by myself. But mom and dad would not hear of it, so i had them for company. Then i sighted a small train, which I had to drive. So off we went to the train. But another boy beat me to it and I was so angry. I get my genes for being short tempered from my mom :(.

After a round in train, we made our way to the food court, where I saw one uncle handing out chocolate cookies for free. And naturally I had to get my hands on it. I demanded for more than two free cookies, so dad had to buy a pack of chocolate cookies for me… Cookie uncle was happy about it.

Since i was happy with my cookies, mom and dad decided to skip eating at the food court and headed to Tewaris at Juhu where they both eat some high cal food. Mom, i thought you wanted to lose weight before masi’s wedding. After eating to their heart’s content, we left for home.

At home, i was still in the mood for more fun and was wide awake till 12 in the night much to chagrin of mom and dad who were sleepy.

Mom and dad thank you for this lovely playdate. I really enjoyed myself. How soon can we go again over there?


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