Update from playschool

A quick update

The last week has been an important week in Genie’s school life. She has stopped crying completely while going to school. Every morning, she says that she wants to go to school and i should iron her uniform and socks in front of her.

Though she does not play in the garden before entering, she stands and looks around. When she has her fill of looking around, she pulls me in the direction of her class. She eagarly awaits to say good morning and hello to the school principal. And the best part is that she holds hands with her friend and walks to the classroom.

I am looking forward to the openhouse at the end of the month, so I can get an update from the teacher.


3 thoughts on “Update from playschool

  1. Hey, that’s great news, so she’s finally come around! She will drive you nuts, that days she can’t go to school!

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